Installation & Construction

Installation & Construction pty has been in existence in the Republic of South Africa for over 28 years, and for the first two to three years carried out work entirely for one company Mobil (now Engen Petroleum). Our focus was on diesel & petrol installations ranging from Service Stations to Factory Fuel requirements.

As our name suggests, we have become an extremely diversified business in the manufacturing of general pipe work, pump stations, liquid petroleum gas, petrochemical installations through to general engineering and fabrication. We have also been involved in the industrial and domestic construction industry.

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About Us

The Business

Our core business is LP Gas, Petrochemical Installations, General Engineering, Fabrications and Mechanical Installations in South Africa & Neighboring States.

The Objective

We aim to be leaders in our related industries to ensure a suitable return on investments and to enhance the capabilities of our employees such that their full potential is utilized.

The Standards

We strive to meet customer expectations of Quality, Delivery, Price and Responsiveness at all times.